Meetings, and Meatings (Zambia #2)

May 6, 2007 Comments (0) Africa, Experiences

Arrival (Zambia #1)

My coworkers making me feel at home, and excessively white.

My coworkers making me feel at home. And excessively white.

Hello everyone! After 26 hours of flying, 14 hours of layover, and 4 countries, I have arrived at Solwezi in Zambia.

Upon arrival to site, I was dropped off with all my belongings at the office and sat for a half hour, struggling to stay awake as I awaited my boss. He introduced himself, and immediately began describing the project he’d like me to work on. His first words were, “We’re throwing you into the deep-end….”

The facilities here are very basic. I live in a container with a bed and a desk, and share a bathroom with an Australian geologist. I have electricity.

I have been given a desk at the office with a computer and internet, so I must write personal emails on company time. Considering how busy I’ll likely be, an abundance of emails isn’t likely. I’ll try to send updates every week.

I’ve taken a few photos and will attempt to post some on my flickr site. Check out my flickr set.

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