The World at Work – a photography book

Hello, and welcome to the landing page for my photography book THE WORLD AT WORK:
People doing rare, traditional, or surprisingly common jobs you’ve never seen before

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Where it started: Check out my crowdfunding campaign and video!

(assuming you haven’t seen it before)

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It’ll answer heaps of your questions, like what this book is all about, and what’s in it for you.  You’ll see sample photos, book mockups, and all the rewards (‘perks’) for contributing. And you’ll get to see me explaining the importance of this campaign, from a side of the camera I don’t normally visit.

Where it finished:

I’m pleased to announce the crowdfunding campaign finished successfully (woohoo!). 

After 3 months of nearly full-time work, The World at Work became a real, beautiful, hardcover book!  Marvel at its glory:

You can Order from Amazon now Contact me directly to order!(**My printer folded their fulfillment centre, so I moved my stock to Amazon. Then Amazon jacked up their fees, and I had to remove it from the site.**).

So please contact me directly to order!

Big THANKS again to everyone who has helped me through this big project. It was a definitely a crowd-effort!


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