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Printshop: Own a print of my work

Ten years ago I borrowed a backpack, bought an overwhelmingly complicated SLR camera, and set out on a life-changing journey in South America. And I mean it. Because ever since, photography has been my reason to travel and travel my reason for photography.

I love to tell stories of culture and adventure while striving to create the most interesting images: Whether aesthetic, enlightening, or both. This world is amazing.

Though I’ve been selling photos for all these years, I’ve never made them available widely to the public. Until now. So if you’ve ever seen one of my shots worth putting on your wall, please:

Head on over to the Prints page and find one you love. 

Bookshop: The World at Work

WaW 01 cover crp

 You might have heard that I just published a photography book! It’s called THE WORLD AT WORK: People doing rare, traditional, or surprisingly common jobs you’ve never seen before.  

You can find out all about it in my crowdfunding campaign & video! Go on, it’ll take 3 minutes ;)

While you’re there you can also pick yourself up a copy – while supplies last.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.17.12 pm

Mikeshop: Hire Me for Photography Coaching!

Hallelujah, as if having me in your inbox wasn’t enough. Want to learn techniques, philosophies and tricks from behind the lens?  I’m now offering personalised travel photography coaching – just in time for your next trip. Learn more, at my Hire & Learn page.

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