As the old adage goes, “A picture tells a thousand words”. Even still, I find a photograph’s power magnified when accompanied by context: There’s always more to the story. That’s why since mid-2015 I’ve been sharing my best photographs in themed photo-essays. But for my favourite selected images of the past decade, please peruse my Flickr ‘Gallery’. Below you’ll find some randomly selected photos from there:

I’ve had the foresight to tag over 2700 images from around the world (and geotag most of them too!). You may search my portfolio below; I trust you’ll find something, or somewhere, you’re looking for.

You may soon purchase selected works as art prints (to hear when this is available, please join the mailing list). If you love specific images in my Flickr portfolio and want art prints, please let me know and I’ll make them available too!

There’s more to this story

How avoiding ‘the arts’ accidentally made me a photographer

In order to graduate high school I was required to obtain at least a single ‘Arts’ credit. Black and white photography, with all the technicalities of cameras and developing film, seemed like the least-artsy ‘Arts’ credit.  So a few of us enrolled in the most basic stream.

The teacher quickly figured out we were gaming the system, and — joke’s on us! — required we teach the class, and tutor the actual academically-challenged students who rightfully ought to be in the stream.

I learned a lot that year.

Ever since that foundational experience I’ve never stopped taking photos. In 2005 I bought my first digital SLR, and also began selling stock — and thus became a ‘professional’ (ooh-la-la!) photographer. Technically. (Double-entendre intended).

But above all my photography has been an excuse to travel — and travel an excuse to do photography. I’ve used my Flickr site and various blogs (collated here under ‘Experiences’) to document the results of travelling with big smile, a bigger camera, an open mind, and an open heart.

Where else you may find my photos

I’ve been lucky to have my photographs featured in all sorts of great publications and print media. Some of those are shown in the logo carousel above, but here are the details:

  • American Museum of Natural History, NYC – Photo exhibited in “Digital Totem”, Northwest Coast Hall, 2016
  • Global Landscapes Forum photo exhibition, Paris – Three photos selected & Third prize winner, 2015
  • National Geographic – Facebook page most Liked photo in 2015 (shared 8 July 2015)
  • West Australian newspaper — 31 Jan 2015 “Agenda” front page
  • Berry Book “Wanderkin” –  Contributing photographer to children’s book
  • Energetics — Sustainability Report 2014 (cover)
  • Class Afloat — marketing material in print and online
  • PriceWaterhouse Coopers — Review of global trends in the mining industry 2014
  • Wildlife Australia Magazine — Spring 2013
  • Tasmanian Geographic — August 2013
  • McKinsey Global Institute — Resource Revolution 2011 cover
  • Mountain Equipment Coop — in Calgary store, on website
  • United Nations Environment Program — Atlas of Environmental Change
  • UBC Varsity Outdoor Club — various flyers and posters
  • UBC Norman B Keevil Institute of Mining — A Global Citizen 
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation magazine — Peru: Land of the Inca
  • Forbes — website on graduate salaries
  • Gemcom — annual report 2007

If you or your organisation are interested in publishing or exhibiting my work, please contact me.

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