What is ONE?

myke Senegal

ONE, in one minute

Hello! I’m Mike, and I created the ONE Project to inspire and equip people to travel smarter and simpler, improve their photography, make meaningful connections, and create serendipity.

Why “ONE”? Well, as much as I like the image of 7 billion people holding hands in a circle chanting ‘om’, ONE is actually an acronym:

  • Open mind and heart / opening minds and hearts.
  • New relationships and adventures.
  • Educating and entertaining.
And this acronym underpins not just how I travel, but the lessons and experiences I want to share with others.

ONE, but two?

This ONE Project, ironically, has two parts:

  • ONE Project blog: Posts in various categories as per the goals of ONE above. Not quite a travel blog, but a meta-travel blog: a blog about travelling.
    You might call this the “theory”.
  • Experiences: A continuation of my photographic travel adventures shared since 2007 via email (subscribe!), and posted here for friends, new and old, to enjoy.
    You might call this the “application”.
I knew this would come in handy one day.

I knew this photo would eventually come in handy.

You’ve made it this far — may I tell you a bit of backstory?

This website is, in a way, the culmination of many years’ work. And the “ONE” principles have been defining my experience long before the idea for this website…

I grew up in one of the world’s most multicultural cities. As a child my schoolmates ranged from Somalian and Bosnian refugees, to the kids who weren’t happy with their secondhand Mercedes (the humanity!). You probably figured out that I found the foreign kids more interesting.

Perhaps this helped me learn to respect and connect with locals when I’m the foreigner. That, and watching Ian Wright on Globe Trekker.

Many years later in 2006 I bought my first ‘big camera’, borrowed a backpack (which I still haven’t returned; thanks Ellen) and let my friend convince me, a compulsive planner, not to pre-book anything for our entire month in Peru.

That Peru experience reaffirmed my faith in (a) the kindness of strangers, via connection; and (b) the power of serendipity, via unplanning. It also got me interested in sharing these cultural and serendipitous life experiences via email newsletters, combining photography with writing. And some meagre attempts at humour.

These photo-adventure-travel Experiences now live here, and serve as the older sibling in the ONE Project. They are also a testament to what the universe delivers, when you connect and respect with an open mind and an open heart.

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