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Your Company Has a Service Level Agreement (Sla) of 99.99 for Sap

Virtual Machine Scale Sets is a free service, so it doesn`t have a financially secure SLA itself. However, if the VM scale groups contain VMs in at least 2 error domains, the availability of the underlying SLA applies to the VMs. For more information, see the SLA for Virtual Machines. We guarantee the availability of at least 99.9% of Azure Active Directory Basic and Premium services. The Services are considered available in the following scenarios: We guarantee that Front Door will respond to customer requests in at least 99.99% of cases and deliver the requested content without errors. We will review and accept data from any commercially reasonable independent measurement system you choose to monitor your content. You must select a number of agents from the list of standard agents in the measurement system that are generally available and represent at least five geographically distinct locations in the major global metropolitan areas (excluding the PRC). Enter your email address to download Microsoft.AZ-120.v2021-05-23.q39.pdf Azure SQL Managed Instance has a minimum uptime guarantee of 99.99%. This applies both at the critical level of the company and at the general level.

Azure DevTest Labs is a free service, so it doesn`t have a financially secure SLA itself. The availability of your lab is based on the SLA of the underlying virtual machines, storage, and key vault resources used. For more information, see Virtual Machine SLA, Storage SLA, and Key Vault SLA. The SLA does not apply if the display of expense data is due to issues with cross-cloud endpoints, services outside of Azure Cost Management, or changes made by customers to their Azure configuration. No SLA is provided to view and manage your Azure spend, as it is a free service. NEW QUESTION 23You are planning for high availability for an SAP environment in Azure. The SAP environment uses data centers in different zones. Tests show that the latency between the two zones supports synchronous replication of the DBMS.

You must design a solution to ensure that SAP services are available in the event of an Azure datacenter failure in a zone. The solution must meet the following requirements:* Provide automatic failover* Minimize costsWhich high availability configuration meets the requirements? Advisor is a free service, so it doesn`t have a financially secure SLA. Azure Bastion provides RDP and SSH access to your VMs directly from the Azure portal without the need for a public IP address on the VM. The availability of all Azure services is calculated over a monthly billing cycle. Click here to download the SLA for most Microsoft Azure services. The SLA for Active Directory is available here. Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft`s globally distributed multi-model database service. It provides turnkey global distribution across an unlimited number of Azure regions by scaling and replicating your data seamlessly, wherever your users are. The service provides 99.99% full SLAs that cover throughput, consistency, availability, and latency guarantees for Cosmos DB DB accounts that are limited to a single Azure region configured with one of five consistency levels, or database accounts that span multiple Azure regions and are configured with one of four relaxed consistency levels. Azure Cosmos DB allows you to configure multiple Azure regions as writable endpoints for a database account.

In this configuration, Cosmos DB provides a 99.999% SLA for read and write availability. We guarantee the availability of at least 99.9% of the backup and restore capabilities of the Azure Backup service. Explanation: Box 1: NoAzure Availability Zones are physically separate locations within an Azure region that protect customer applications and data from data center failures. It is well suited for applications that require low-latency synchronous replication with data center-level failure protection. Box 2: JaAAP application server latency between database servers can be tested using the ABAPMeter /SSA/CAT report. Box 3: YesTo analyze network problems or measure network metrics, you can test the connection with SAP`s NIPING program. With NIPING, you can analyze the network connection between two machines running SAP software. Reference: azure.microsoft.com/sv-se/blog/azure-availability-zones-expand-with-new-services-and-to-new-regions-i azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/sap-on-azure-architecture-designing-for-performance-and-scalability/ wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=360974069 Azure Container Registry is a free service and therefore does not have a financially secure SLA. .

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