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What Is Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

Key Performance Ideas is the ideal implementation partner for your OBIEE project. From OBIEE installation to training, we can help you take advantage of OBIEE analysis and interactive reports. We also help our customers improve desktop business analytics with Smart View for OBIEE so end users can create ad hoc and response reports. In addition, in addition to our consulting services, we offer OBIEE management services through our managed services program. Passionned Group not only offers OBIEE know-how, but also offers services in the field of training, consulting and implementation of business intelligence. In the Passionned knowledge base, you will find much more information about the entire spectrum of business analysis. A set of (independent) services that help you use BI even more effectively in your organization. “From project management and application design to data integration and application creation, the MindStream team is efficient, experienced and professional. We started the process by looking for an implementation team, what we found in MindStream was a strategic partner. Senior Project Manager, Banking and Financial Services Companies Enterprises benefit from this unique platform, which enables customers to gain new insights and make faster, more informed business decisions by delivering agile visual analytics and self-service discovery as well as best-in-class business analytics. Oracle BI Cloud is not cheap and when it comes to licensing structure and compliance, the company doesn`t have a very good reputation with its customers. So the question is which BI solution is best for your business.

In the BI & Analytics guide, you can see at a glance where OBIEE is compared to the competition and what other providers you can consider. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool from Oracle Corporation. The proven architecture and shared infrastructure that creates and deploys enterprise reports, scorecards, dashboards, ad hoc analytics, and OLAP analytics deliver a complete user experience. This tutorial explains all the basic aspects of OBIEE. Complete without compromise – full range of BI features, including interactive intelligence dashboards, ad hoc analytics, proactive detection and alerting, intelligent workflow, enterprise reporting, separate analytics, MS Office integration, real-time predictive analytics, and more. Includes innovative next-generation capabilities, including a model-driven enterprise semantic layer, heterogeneous data access and integration, modern service-oriented architecture, and mission-critical scalability and performance. It provides access to business intelligence information Oracle Bl Server accesses business data that users want to analyze, which can be in any format, e.B.: OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) is a BI tool from Oracle Corporation to collect, store, and analyze data for corporate reports, dashboards, scorecards and ad hoc analysis. OBIEE is a multi-server architecture that uses Siebel Analytics technology to separate data access and presentation elements for analysis.

Hot-Pluggable – leverages existing IT investments, including Oracle and non-Oracle databases, applications, and custom solutions. In addition, OBIEE is the same platform used for Oracle-Siebel Business Analytics applications, allowing organizations using OBIEE to choose from a library of predefined analytics applications that can be deployed quickly, offer a lower total cost of ownership, and secure business value. Finally, OBIEE integrates Hyperion`s business intelligence tools that complement the existing suite to provide the widest range of BI tools on the market. OBIEE is the business intelligence solution if you use Oracle in your organization. This is due to strong integration with Oracle databases and applications. This makes it possible to run reports quickly, and hundreds of standard reports and dashboards are included. Ubiquitous – the highly intuitive and interactive 100% web-based user interface delivers rich and powerful BI from multiple sources to any audience, providing insights on where and when users need it to drive actions, decisions and business processes – without the need for specialized BI expertise or powerful user skills. Oracle Bl Server is a central component of the suite. It is a query engine that converts logical queries into a physical SQL statement to execute data sources. It also generates optimized queries that depend on the business rules defined in the Bl Server repository. Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is an innovative and comprehensive BI platform that delivers the full range of bi capabilities on a next-generation architecture designed for true enterprise delivery. OBIEE enables IT departments to define a single logical view of all enterprise data, whether in a single data warehouse or across multiple operational and analytical sources, and provide business users with a new level of self-sufficiency to access, interact with, and leverage that information to increase efficiency.

If you want to start generating reports and analyzing data from your database or application environment, an experienced Oracle OBIEE expert can certainly help. You can see what information your organization needs and whether it can be populated with one of the many standard reports or dashboards, or if customization is needed. If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. OBIEE has some advantages over other BI providers. These are the following architectural components and their relationships: 75% of software revenue still comes from the sale of licenses. Oracle is known for its strong focus on this point and a common customer complaint is that the licensing structure is “unclear” and that there are “always discussions” about license compliance. Oracle has integrated the different bi solutions, unlike many other vendors who have purchased many different products. This means that with OBIEE, you get a complete BI solution that is closely related to the structure of the application and the software database.

This makes the company not only a provider of BI solutions. Similar BI solutions include Microsoft BI Tools and SAS Business Analytics. Ask Key Performance Ideas to perform an OBIEE health check of your existing architecture and identify a strategy to address performance, stability, or availability challenges. In addition, our OBIEE health check helps you reduce your administrative costs and minimize risk by quickly identifying potential problems. Unlike many other BI solutions, OBIEE belongs to the “Databases and Package Products” category. This is a category of bi solutions that are not sold separately, but they are an option when purchasing a database or application environments. Oracle OBlEE also provides a set of web-based tools for reporting and data analysis based on dashboards based on tables, charts, pivots, and more. The OBIEE BI tool also provides a complete experience to the end user. The app allows you to compare the features of different solutions in different ways. These comparisons will help you make the right decision for your business.

The app can be purchased on our website. If you`re an “Oracle home,” which means you`re using one or more of the company`s CRM or ERP applications, it`s worth considering OBIEE. .

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