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32Bj Agreements

Medical Marijuana: Add drug testing protection for anyone with a valid prescription for medical marijuana. Los trabajadores podrán pedir hasta 120 días de licencia sin pago para resolver cuestiones sobre su status migratorio. HABLA CON SU REPRESENTING SOBRE SU MEETING OF LOCAL MEMBERSÍA In 2020, the new entry will be extended to 1 year (from $ 1.00 below the rates above), and in 2022, it will be extended to 18 months, starting from $ 1.50 below the rate. In 2022, the new rental wage for Level 2 buildings will increase from $0.50 to $0.75. . As the coronavirus, or COVID-19, spreads across the United States, members may be wondering how to keep themselves and their families healthy and safe. Right now, we are coordinating with employers and workers on the ground to ensure that we are effectively addressing the issues arising from this crisis and that we are providing everyone with the most up-to-date information available. Cleaners get two additional paid holidays: President`s Day and their own birthday. . *Paid leave, paid sick leave and 2 weeks of leave.

The medical allowance for full-time employees will continue to be paid in full by the employer. Employers who have agreed to increase the cleaning contribution rate have an additional month (for a total of 120 days) of unpaid leave to resolve immigration-related issues. Cleaners have access to 8.7 sick days for part-time workers and five (5) days for full-time employees, guaranteed by a Maryland law that fought and received 32BJ. Cleaners also have the following days off with pay: Our union has received a stronger and clearer clause on sexual harassment and assault that will protect workers at work. . . * The pension will increase by 20 cents, from $0.38 to $0.58 on July 1, 2020. All other benefits come into effect each year on January 1st. Improve contract language to protect immigrant workers. .

When this contract expires, cleaners in Maryland and Virginia will receive the same number of sick days and vacations as cleaners in Washington DC. Cleaners in Prince George and Loudoun counties joined more than 10,000 cleaners in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC to secure a strong contract. From $1,116 per month to $1,317 per member per month for the duration of the agreement, an increase of 18%. An hourly increase of $2.40 means that covered cleaners will win at the end of this agreement: By uniting, we have the strength to fight for – and win – strong contracts that set appropriate wage and performance standards and protect our rights in the workplace. * Paid leave, including vacation, sick leave and vacation, is excluded. . Maintenance of pension benefits in the central business district by increasing the hourly contribution rate as follows: Más de 400 trabajadores en los Condados de Loudoun y Prince George se afiliaron a nuestra unión y negociaron salarios y beneficios justos con nuestro contrato. In addition to health insurance, full-time work gives insured cleaners access to more hours, which means more money to support their families. **Based on year-end rates.

Does not include the cost of paid leave, including vacation, vacation and sick days… Seniority Protect members from unfair displacement due to change. . Maintaining 100% Employer-Paid Health Insurance Premiums Starting in 2021, the Employer will pay one (1) Steward from each location each year for union training. This will allow shop stewards to oversee the collective agreement and promote the union`s goals and mobilizations in the suburbs. Our agreement guarantees an hourly wage increase of 70 cents in the first year for each employee, followed by 50 cents per year thereafter. . If your salaries or benefits are higher than those listed in this document, keep those salaries and benefits. . **Basado en las tarifas de fin de año.

No incluye el costo del tiempo libre pagado (vacaciones, días feriados, y días de enfermedad). . NOTE: This is a summary of the main changes to the collective agreement. Once the contract is ratified, the union will distribute copies of the agreement to all members who have the final and legally enforceable language. Protección en el lugar de trabajo / Derechos de los empleados y sindicatos. Our union has made improvements to our pension plans. Employers contribute an additional $0.10 per hour – a total of $0.80 per hour – to the employee`s pension plan. .

Igualamiento de Licencia por enfermedad y días festivos. . . Cleaners get their jobs with the same wages and benefits when the employer moves from one unionized employer to another unionized employer. . Si sus salarios o beneficios son mayores que los establecidos en este documento, usted mantendrá sus salarios y beneficios tal cual. También obtuvimos un aumento en la contribución a $ 0.08 por hora en 2021 para ayudar a garantizar beneficios legales continuos. Cleaners have access to 8.7 sick days for part-time workers and five sick days for full-time workers guaranteed by a Maryland law that 32BJ fought for and passed. Cleaners also benefit from the following paid days off: The union will now be able to meet with each new worker for 30 minutes on site to inform them about the union, collective agreement and benefit funds.

In addition to the health care plan, full-time employment will give protected cleaners access to more hours of work or more money to support their families. ▪ employers pay for industrial shoes if necessary. The union will now be able to meet with each new worker for 30 minutes of paid work to educate the worker about the union, collective agreement and social funds. ▪ If members are entitled to more paid sick days under state law, those additional sick days are provided to employees by the employer. Execution of the contract, improvements and penalty payment by the employer. . These salary adjustments over the life of the agreement will increase the salary of Class 1 cleaners from $2.00 to $20.14 per hour in the final year of the agreement. Class 2 cleaners will increase by $2.10 to $21.34 per hour, civil engineer compensation will increase by at least $2.75 per hour to at least $27.92 per hour (increases will be increased to individual rates of pay) and BMCA cleaners will increase from $1.92 to $19.46 per hour. Members aged 18 and over now receive 4 weeks of leave. HolidaysCleaners will have two additional paid holidays: President`s Day and his birthday.

Our agreement guarantees a wage increase of 70 cents per hour starting April 1, 2020. As of that date, every employee earning less than $12.00 an hour will receive a raise of 50 cents per hour in each subsequent January. Paie : Il est obligatoire pour tous les employeurs d`offrir un dépôt direct.. .

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